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Look to the spine as the root of many problems !

The restoration of normal movement in your spine -

That is the goal of Chiropractic care

For your whole life.  

How to get started with the Chiropractic Lounge Munich

Attend our Health Talk >>

Thanks for your call !

Welcome to the Lounge, Johanna and Julie look forward to helping you. 

Register your intended attendence at our Health Talk.

All new customers begin their care with us in this way.  

You'll receive important information about:

  • how to get well faster, and stay that way longer
  • what Chiropractic is and how it works
  • how treatment is organised in the Chiropractic Lounge. 

We encourage your to bring your partner with you, of course friends and colleagues are also welcome. Attendance is included in the cost of your initial consultation, and is also non-binding. 

Telephone: 089/ 89 66 44 99 

1. Step : Health Talk

  • "What is Chiropractic, and what does my spine have to do with my health?"
  • "Was is an adjustment?"
  • "What happens in the examination, and in the appointments to follow?" 

We do not want to leave you with any unanswered questions, before you make this new start.

Our philosophy is that the best route together is with transparence and clear information. No-one likes surprises.  

You will discover what chiropractic could do for you and your family, and what health (in our view) really means. We explain the flow of care in the Lounge, and are always at your disposal to answer questions.  

When? Every Tuesday at 18:00

Where? In the Chiropractic Lounge Munich

Duration: approx. 30-40 Minutes  



2. Step: Chiropractic First Examination

In the examination we are intersted in: 

  • Your personal medical / health history 
  • Your current problem(s) 
  • Our special examination protocol with posture analysis, lung function, flexibiltiy, Vagus test, and balance tests etc. 
  • The Chiropractic examination then identifies imbalance in your spine, specifically either misalignments &/or movement problems  

Once complete the results of the examination will be explained, providing you with an overview of your state of (chiropractic) health. You will also be checked / adjusted for the first time should you so wish. 


3. Step : Your Care Plan Recommendation

With this appointment we intend to:

  • Allow time for any questions you may have following the first exam
  • A review of your exam findings and clarification of your goals
  • An explanation of your recommend care based on the three phases of healing
  • Important: please being your partner with you. (S)he should also know what / why you are coming to the Lounge, and is then better able to support you at home. When they know the same information and how Chiropractic works, we find this will enhance your healing. 

You will also be checked and adjusted as appropriate.

4. Step : Regular Check-up per Treatment Plan

You come in for a regular check / adjustment visit based on your personalised recommendations.

The Lounge was devloped so that you can obtain an appointment with ease.

On the third visit the main adjusting /wait area will be explained to you, so that you feel at ease, and can enjoy the postive healing atmosphere of the Chiropractic Lounge.

5. Step : Progress Examination

We aim approximately every 12th visit to do a progress examination. These are in essence a repeat of the first examination.   

We look to compare the symptoms that you previously had with the current, and of course the different test results. The overall changes will then guide us in making a decision together on how to progress, and which treatment phase is appropriate for you. 

6. Step : Attend an ECHT GESUND Workshop

Our core competence is to find and locate subluxations in your spine. 

We understand however that our role is as much teacher and coach, as Chiropractor.  

So to really make a long term difference to health, we ALL have to pay attention to the outside stressors faced by each of us daily. In other words - what can I do myself?

In this regard our monthly ECHT GESUND Workshop (delivered in German) was developed to simplify your search on changes you can make at work, what you eat, what exercises to do and to avoid, and how better to bring yourself into a calm state despite the stress you may find yourself in.

Ask Johanna or Julie when the next is scheduled, feel free to bring someone along, we just need to know how many for catering purposes. 

Price - Invoicing - Modalities

The Chiropractic Lounge is a partnership (Gemeinschaftspraxis) between  Craig Osborne and Robert Kastenberger. The invoices / statements / Rechung are provided under the rules applying to Heilpraktikers.

The Chiropractic Lounge requires payment at the time of treatment.

Our treatment is claimable with Private Insurance, Zusatzversicherung, and also Beihilfer Insurance.

A cost guide to our services is:

  • First examination incl. all tests, physical examination, health history interview and first adjustment: Approx. 60.- 120. Euro 
  • Regular Chiropractic appointment: Approx. 30.- 65.  Euro

Each treatment item is reimbursed differently, and also by different insurance companies. Therefore the prices listed here should be read purely as a guide. We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding billing. Tel: 089/ 89 66 44 99

Payment options include cash or EC Card.