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Chiropractic Strengthens the Human Healing Potential

Chiropractic impacts the function of the autonomic nervous system and helps your body deal with the stresses of daily life.  

Your healing potential is activated through Chiropractic care.

Who Can be Treated?

Essentially anyone can receive regular Chiropractic Care

Whether a baby, small child, adolescent, adult or senior, the prinicples of chiropractic stand. Naturally the methods are varied to suit the particular needs of the patient and their age. 

Trained hands and modern methods make it possible.

Chiropractic adjustments are by definition gentle, however we have learnt many different methods of adjusting to suit different health conditions and patient age.

Our Chiropractors Craig Osborne and Robert Kastenberger will explain in the Health Talk the background to the treatment, how chiropractic affects your overall health, and how the Chiropractic Lounge functions. 

Our team are always ready to take your calls and enquiries (in English) : 

089/ 89 66 44 99