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An absence of Symptoms is not the defintion of Health.

Healthy Spine = Healthier Reaction to Stress


Misalignments of the spine can contribute to the development of many different health problems. They are caused by too much or too little physical, chemical or emotional stressors. Identifying these alongside your chiropractic treatment will assist in your improvments become long term changes. 

You know already what some might be: too little sport, stress at work or with money, the wrong type and amount of food, poor posture at work or spenind too many hours on your smart device. 

Classical symptoms which our customers mention to us are listed here on this page: Symptoms


Symptom treatment is not the goal, nor should it be. Our goal is to restore spinal function as much as possible, since only then will your nervous system be able to function optimally to resolve problems itself, and hopefully to minimise the chance of significant problems in the future. 

Chiropractic gives your body the chance and the information to help itself.