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For High Intensity Sports Your Nervous System Needs to Function Optimally

Every muscle, joint, tissue and organ is controlled by your nervous system.

Most sports require good reaction times, agility, coordination and a wakeful mind. Chiropractic has been shown in various studies to be benficial in this regard. 

The more flexibile and natural your spine moves, the better the communication between your brain and your body. We're certain of it! 

Athletes and Professional Sportspeople

Chiropractic is commonly used by many sports teams and professional athletes, not as pain therapy, rather an essential means to optimising performance.

Chiropractic after injuries helps the body to heal normally, and for joints to function as they should. There are also studies showing improvement in balance and coordination, reaction times, jumping heights / distances. Often the extra few percent improvment achieved through chiropractic care is the difference between a podium and pack finish.  

Sport und Chiropractic

Studies about Chiropractic und Sport have shown:

Regular chiropractic can improve cardiovascular performance by up to 10%. Given that finishing positions are often separated by hundredths or thousandths of a second, this can make a big difference. 

Using Chiropractic during rehabilitation can also enhance healing.

Not to forget the primary effect of Chiropractic adjustments...

Only when your nervous system functions optimally can your brain and body communicate to its maximal potential.


Mobile Spine = Healthy Nervous System = Maximal Potential Possible