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All Babies Should be Checked for Misalignments after Birth

Healthy Spine = Better Development = Full Potential

Babys und Chiropractic

The birth process is a magical event, but is often not the most stress-free entry into the world for the baby. Often the head, shoulder and spine are twisted, pulled, squeezed or rotated in ways that created significant imbalance in the neck, pelvis, thoracic spine and dura (the sac that surrounds your brain and spinal cord).

From these stresses a baby can develop the so-called KISS Syndrome (Kinematic Imbalance due to Suboccipital Strain). KISS is a sydrome described mostly by Biedermann, and in English is known more commonly as Flat Head Syndrome or Placiocephalgy.

If this is not identified and treated in good time then it can lead to signficant challenges to normal physical and emotional development. 

Normal development is dependant on free passage of nerve signals from the brain to the body and back.

Classic signs and symptoms of KISS are that the child:

  • holds the head tilted to one side to reduce tension
  • head position during sleep is almost only to one side
  • crys / screams a lot, similar to what is seen with Colic
  • the neck appears weak in that the head is not held in position easily
  • Arm and leg movement may be asymmetrical
  • asymmetrical foot development
  • sleeps poorly
  • cries a lot during sleep, and is restless during the day
  • appears very sensitive to touch in the neck
  • breast feeds / swallows with difficulty
  • asymmetrical skull shape 

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Examination and Treatment for Babies

Chiropractic care for babies is not the same as for adults! We have attended many seminars designed specifically for the paediatric patient and their specific needs. 

Examination: Starting with a specific intake form, the focus is on how the pregnancy ran, the birth itself, and medical and health concerns since birth. Various tests help to determine if developmental steps are being reached and where any problems might lie. 

Treatment: chiropractic care is performed mostly with soft finger pressure and mild joint movement. Some of the methods look much like a form of massage. Needless to say the treatment itself is not painful, but (s)he may find the new hands discomforting for the during of the treatment. The most important areas to assess are the upper neck, head, and pelvis, in combination with dural tension tests.