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Have you Already Been Operated on?

Even when you've already been operated on, whether your spine, disc problems, hip joints, knee or shoulder, Chiropractic can play an important role in returning you to optimal performance and function because: 

  • Operations correct often what is symptomatic, but not the underlying misalignment. Other areas of your spine may also be significant in the normalisation of spinal function and can be addressed
  • Whether the operated area receives chiropractic care will be entirely dependent on the nature of the problem, the operation itself, and how recently it was performed. This will be discussed before any treatment takes place.
  • Unless from an accident, you were most likely holding your body in a posture to avoid pain, and since the operation perhaps with crutches also unevenly stressed. These oft chronic coping mechanisms need attention paid to them, to avoid becoming a problem themselves. As an example we often see people with knee pain over 6 months who have now developed low back pain due to uneven gait. 
  • A well functioning nervous system is essential for healthy regeneration

Unfortunately an operation often doesn't resolve the underlying problem. Many spinal problems have their root in pelvic rotation / instability. If these problems remain, despite an operation, it's nearly impossible for your spine to heal well. 

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