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Reach Your Full Potential

With Chiropractic your body can better... 





Chiropractic Starting Point

Your starting point for a better way to get healthy and stay that way.

We'll analyse your problem, seeing to discover why it is there, rather than focussin on what it is. That way we can recommend a long term means of resolving the problem, and not just band-aiding the symptoms.  

The 'Get to know us' offer in the Chiropractic Lounge includes: 

  • Attendance at the first appointments - out weekly Health Talk 
  • Initial examination which includes time for you to tell us your story, examination tests, explanation of the test themselves and chiropractic treatment appropriate for you.  
  • This first appointment costs just 100.- Euro 

Call us at 089/ 89 66 44 99 or use the contact form below

We look forward to getting to know you personally.