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Craig Osborne DC (NZCC): Interview

Interview with Craig Osborne, Heilpraktiker and Chiropractor, Doctor of Chiropractic (NZCC)  

Interviewer: Hr. Osborne, you are a partner and operator of the chiropractic lounge in Munich

Mr. Osborne: Yes, right. On January 7, 2015, my colleague and partner, Robert Kastenberger and I, opened the doors of the chiropractic lounge in Munich.  

Interviewer: What is special about your new practice?

Mr. Osborne: The Chiropractic Lounge Munich is the very first practice in Southern Germany, which pursues a modern, holistic concept of chiropractic care. Our philosophy of treating more people with chiropractic care is at the forefront.  

Interviewer: Originally from New Zealand, when and how did you get to Germany?

Mr. Craig Osborne: I had my own practice in Sydney for 7 years. I wanted to come to Germany and sold my practice in Sydney. Since 2010 I’ve been in Munich. To be able to work here, I had to pass the Heilpraktiker test. We made preparations to open the ChiroLounge during. Now I'm looking forward to treating chiropractic children, adolescents, adults and seniors in our family practice.  

Interviewer: What is the difference between modern chiropractic and chirotherapy, as is usually done by our doctors?

Mr. Craig Osborne: First of all: The philosophy of modern chiropractic: spinal deformities exert pressure on our nervous system. This results in reduced communication in the body. Eliminating these shortcomings is the goal of modern chiropractic care. Furthermore, the applied techniques such as special treatments from the USA and the course in our practice play an important role.  

Interviewer: Can you explain this a bit more?

Mr. Craig Osborne: The chiropractor understands man as a whole and focusses on the cause of a symptom, not the symptom as such. In the Chiropractic Lounge, we attach great importance to this holistic view of the human being.  

Interviewer: How exactly does a treatment work with you?

Mr. Craig Osborne: First, all of our patients come to our Health Talk on chiropractic care. Here we explain how we work and how chiropractic works. This is followed by an individual examination using various postural analyses, functional tests and a chiropractic physical examination. The results are evaluated and explained to the patient and we discuss the treatment plan. This always takes place in 3 phases: intensive, stabilization and maintenance phase. In the subsequent course of treatment interviews are carried out again and again in order to objectify the development.  

Interviewer: You describe your practice as family practice, what does this mean?

Mr. Craig Osborne: Quite simply: chiropractic care is a health service for the whole family. My colleague, Robert, adjusts his children at least once a week. Of course only the gentlest techniques are used. Most people have spine subluxations that affect your health, so do children. Only children do not usually notice it, because their joints are much more elastic. Basically: Prevention is better than cure!  

Mr. Osborne, thank you for the interview