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Craig Osborne DC (NZCC) and Robert Kastenberger : Interview with HALLO MÜNCHEN!

Interview with Robert Kastenberger and Craig Osborne about the Chiropractic Lounge Munich  

Hello Munich: "Mr. Kastenberger, Mr. Osborne: Your chiropractic lounge specializes in modern and gentle chiropractic care. What exactly does it mean? "

Robert Kastenberger, Craig Osborne: "Modern chiropractic is concerned with the movement apparatus and the finding of misalignment of the spine and the pelvis. Nerve irritation is produced by misalignments.  For the treatment we use targeted and gentle hand techniques and special treatments. The chiropractic system allows for a gentle correction of misalignments, a so-called "adjustment" - without medication, injection, surgery or pain. The nervous system can thus work better again, which leads to improved communication in the body as a whole and can activate the self-healing forces! Modern chiropractics can be used in the whole family - from babies to adolescents, adults and seniors. "  

Hello Munich: "Where do these spinal misalignments come from?"

Robert Kastenberger, Craig Osborne: "Nowadays, problems often begins with the children and adolescents, who have to suffer with back pain and functional limitations. In adults it is very often the steadily growing pressure in the working world, lack of movement, stress, accidents, one-sided work patterns and many other reasons. The typical medicine approach - with syringes and tablets - rarely leads to the goal. Health should and must be more the responsibility of the individual. Modern chiropractic therapy helps to restore movement in the spine and this makes it easier to get healthier. "  

Hello Munich: "How is chiropractic different from other treatment methods?"

Robert Kastenberger, Craig Osborne: "The chiropractor thinks holistically, he treats not only the symptoms, and looks to improve everything that increases the health potential of the indivual. Normal medicine pursues a rather mechanistic thought model, often as simple as hiding the symptoms with medication."  

Hello Munich: "What happens if I want to make an appointment?"

Robert Kastenberger, Craig Osborne: "At the beginning our customers attend our free Health Talk about chiropractic. This is still relatively unknown in Germany. For this reason, there is a need for information. Our typical custmer wants to know what the problem is, where it has come from and what to do about it. So we talk about how healing happens, why it doesn't, the main function of the spine and of course what Chiropractic is and how this all interacts. We also discuss the typical examination and treatment protocol. This way the customer can get an accurate picture of us, the practice and the methods. Of course, we also discuss the differences between medical and chiropractic treatments. The next appointment is the personal case history, examination and first treatment. Discussion of a treatment plan begins during the first examination and is completed in the following "