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Robert Kastenberger: Interview

Interview with Robert Kastenberger, Heil and Chiropractor  

Interviewer: Hr. Kastenberger, how did you get to the Chiropractic Lounge in Munich and what is the idea behind it?

Robert Kastenberger: I started out as a sports physiotherapist in Munich in 1999 in my own practice in Munich. However, classical physiotherapy had reached its limits for me very soon. Through continuing education I was able to take the Heilpraktiker examination in 2005. From this point on, I have been dealing exclusively with modern chiropractic care. The techniques and philosophy of holistic chiropractic have fascinated me from the beginning. I moved my practice focus exclusively to chiropractic care and have not done anything else since. In 2011 I got to know my immediate partner, Craig Osborne and in 2013 we laid the foundation for our family practice, the Chirolounge Munich.  

Interviewer: What are the differences between modern chiropractic and physiotherapy?

Robert Kastenberger: The differences are quite large. Modern chiropractic is always looking for the causes of a disorder in the body and does not focus the symptom. The vast majority of other therapies, including physiotherapy, are very symptom-oriented and lack the holistic approach.

Interviewer: How do you have to imagine a practice that is called a "Chiropractic Lounge"?

Robert Kastenberger: We attach great importance to our customers' well-being. This has a lot to do with service, attention and our understanding of health care. The atmosphere in our practice is very relaxed, yet highly professional. It's psssible to get an appointment any time we are open. Within our opening hours there is always someone who cares about you. One of our two assistents is also trained in Chiropractic. Another important fact is the following: Our medical understanding is based on the principle that everyone is ill or could become ill. We do not think away from the negative, but toward the positive. We consider each of our patients as good as he is. We treat people, no symptoms!  

Interviewer: You are working in an open treatment area, the "Open Adjustment", what is the idea behind this?

Robert Kastenberger: We have one larger room in which there are 7 treatment tables. When you come to us as a new patient, you will, of course, be examined and advised in a private room. The subsequent treatments are then carried out in the open treatment area. This creates an atmosphere like in the cafe or the hairdresser. The treatment thereby loses its "medical" character and thus the eternally equal, negative effect of a practice. Here is little talk, we listen to lounge music & everything is designed to treat your spine as effectively and as time-saving as possible.

Interviewer: What are the advantages of this system for the patient?

Robert Kastenberger: The benefits are many: Little to no waiting, effective and targeted chiropractic, which focuses on the essentials - the subluxations in your spine. In addition, there is lively communication and thus a very relaxed atmosphere in the Chirolounge.

Interviewer: Who can be treated by you?

Robert Kastenberger: Basically, every human being can and should be treated with chiropractic treatment. Adjustment should be done at least once a month on a long term basis. Chemical, physical and psychological stressors also affect our spinal column and lead to misalignment. To find and correct these is the task of modern chiropractic care. Our youngest patients are a few weeks old, our oldest 95 years. It's never too late for chiropractic.

Mr. Kastenberger, thank you very much for the interview