You are about to become a mother and wish yourself a relaxed pregnancy

You will soon be a mother. Taking care of your health is a matter of course for you. Now this new stage of your life and pregnancy will bring some changes. You are wondering whether there is anything you can do to support your body in the best possible way during pregnancy. A natural birth is important to you.

You want a natural birth, breastfeeding and baby years!

You already know a lot about pregnancy and childbirth. It is important for you to look after yourself during pregnancy. You know that the start of life is a special moment for you and your child. Women who come to us have these issues:

Sacrum pain

Back pain

Tension in the neck, shoulders and back

The baby does not turn

One-sided strain from carrying a baby or Maxicosi


We will help you to experience your pregnancy and birth as relaxed as possible!

You come to us in the lounge and we take enough time for you! We will give you an overview of where we can recognize certain blockages in your body, explain how we can help you and you will receive your first adjustment.

Chirolounge München

Chiropractic helps you to continue to actively shape your life!

People who find their way to us in the Chirolounge have 2 problems!

One is acute pain in the body and the second is emotional stress.

We help you to find your flow, your balance and your path again.