Chirolounge München




“I like to share my story because I just benefit a lot from chiropractic. I’ve had lower back problems for a long time and a slight herniated disc.”



Moms benefit from chiropractic care I am a mom of 2 toddlers. I struggled a lot with lack of sleep and pain in my shoulder, neck and upper back.”



“Finally ease in my movements again – thanks to chiropractic. I suffered from acute pain in my cervical spine for a long time. I had severe restrictions in movement and pain, which I mostly fought by visiting the orthopedist and using painkillers or injections.”



“Home office and no exercise – my back couldn’t take it anymore! My employer is very focused on the health of the employees and offers a lot for a healthy work. But in the days of home office, all of that was no longer available. And on top of that, not being able to use the sports opportunities I loved and emotional stresses. I’m a very conscious person and felt the chiropractic approach was brilliant.”