Spring is coming! Do you also want to pay more attention to healthy living and get fitter again? By March at the latest, we all feel the great desire for sunshine and nature to come alive again. Our spirits are revived. However, it may well be that you have lost this natural vitality. After the last two years of the state of emergency, it’s no wonder! We give you nine tips on what you can do yourself to get fitter and live healthily again.

The wishes of people who at some point come across modern, vitalistic chiropractic as a therapy are also similar. They want to finally have more energy, mobility and freedom from stressful pain. Their goal is simply to regain a healthy attitude to life.


Health – Fitness – Lifestyle

What do you actually mean when you want to feel fit, healthy and alive again? This is certainly a very personal definition for everyone. Our understanding of a fit and healthy attitude to life: people feel good in their bodies, have an upright posture, are free of blockages and are aware of their responsibility for their health.

When people come to us at Chirolounge Munich, they often tell us about similar issues that are bothering them. The pressure and stress at work, ingrained patterns of behavior and movement as well as a lot of emotional stress weighs on their shoulders and blocks their back. They report a basic tension, often feel limp, tired and no longer able to cope. This has usually been the case for a long time and at some point naturally leads to a loss of a healthy attitude to life.


Modern lifestyle – loss of vitality and fitness

Our “modern” lifestyle is one of the main causes. Many people have been following one-sided, rigid and stressful movement patterns for years. A lack of exercise and comfort, which is strongly fueled by digitalization, also has a negative effect on our body system. And this starts earlier and earlier. Many children and young people today are growing up with cell phones and tablets. It’s a fact that the habit of constantly looking at a cell phone and sinking your head into it has consequences for the entire musculoskeletal system. Not to mention all the energy robbers such as a lack of sleep, too much sugar, an unbalanced diet, constant sensory overload and a lack of silence or quiet time.

The older we get, the less we “play”, move around, try things out and even avoid certain movements if they are difficult. And the less we do this, the more our body and brain unlearn skills that are actually completely natural. This has an impact on our sense of balance, our perception of our environment and our inner stability to deal with life’s challenges. A healthy life depends on all these factors.

Now you can perhaps imagine what this means for the generation after us, who already spend less time outside and more time inside on digital devices as children. In addition to all the sitting at school or university.

Effects and symptoms

The human brain is directly dependent on “sensory input”. We generate stimulation through movement and varied movement tasks. This is how our brain receives new information.

Our modern lifestyle usually takes place in a one-sided, unfavorable position. Everything happens in the area in front of us. This rigid pattern “insults” the complexity of our brain. We overactivate the flexor muscles at the front of the body and get more and more into a flexor stress pattern.

This creates a vicious circle of stress-lack of movement-more stress. This often happens unnoticed. At some point, however, your body clearly shows you that the way you are treating it is not good for it. The result is pain, which is usually harmful to your entire system in the long term.

9 tips to live healthy again

We would like to give you nine simple tips for your everyday life that you can use every day. So that it’s not too much at once, don’t implement everything at once. Choose one tip for each week and practise it every day for a week. You can then add another point every week. Keep at it and see what changes. Another tip for implementation. Stop setting yourself certain resolutions! Make a conscious decision to do something for yourself and your health now in order to get fitter and live healthily again.

  1. Pay attention to your breathing! How deeply are you breathing? It’s important that your breathing reaches your belly. Watch Robert’s video on this !
  2. You are what you eat. Consciously avoid unnecessary stimulants such as sweets or alcohol. Try to skip meals from time to time. This takes the strain off your whole body.
  3. Drink plenty of still water. Water is on average 60% of our body. Don’t start your day with coffee but with half a liter of warm water.
  4. Get moving every day – nobody can do this for you. You have to take care of your own exercise. Do something every day that suits you best, but also challenges you again and again.
  5. Train your balance – train your balance in everyday life. Take every opportunity to balance. Stand on one leg more often and brush your teeth or talk on the phone on one leg.
  6. Train your flexibility – the best way to do this is with targeted stretching exercises.
  7. Don’t let your mobility be taken away from you! If you have or have had limitations, you can still do something about them. This applies in particular to your hips, shoulders and all the joints in your body. Get back into more playful movements.
  8. Don’t neglect your coordination! Crossover exercises, for example, are easy ways to improve your coordination.
  9. Come into stillness every day – meditation is a way of stepping out of your daily stress patterns. Again, you have to build it into your day yourself. You can find a meditation from Robert here.


What does chiropractic do for your healthy life?

Regular chiropractic care is a powerful tool to maintain mobility and flexibility as well as sensory input to our brain. Chiropractic is essential to our ability to resist gravity.

We want to help you to help yourself with our work. Our goal for you is to “get rid” of your pain, to dissolve it so that you feel healthy and fit again. As a result, your avoidance strategies will fall away again. Our wish for you is that you stay motivated and do more for yourself and your health! We support you in leading a lifestyle of movement, joy and vitality. Together with our nine tips, you will be able to start the spring healthy and fit.

Robert goes into more detail about our 9 simple tips in the podcast.

Do you have any questions? We’re here for you and look forward to meeting you and your family in person.

The Chirolounge team Munich