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Real Health - The Health Seminar at the Chiropractic Lounge Munich

*This seminar is only delivered in German

Get healthier faster, and stay that way longer. 

Our monthly 'Echt Gesund' seminar is designed to point you in the right direction 

Only with a change and improvement in lifestyle do you have the best chance at optimal health!

Echt Gesund - THE Health Seminar at the Chiropractic Lounge

The primary causes of misalignments / subluxations in the spine are things that affect us daily:

Chemical, Physical and Emotional stressors bombard us constantly and require an apropriate rection to stay healthy. 

Our philosophy at the Chiropractic Lounge is simple: 

Find the cause for the problem - solve the problem - do everything you can to prevent it from returning

To support you in finding your way faster, we developed the ECHT GESUND WORKSHOP 

Once a quarter we invite you, family and friends to this event. We share our knowledge and ideas in each of the following areas:

  • Meditation/ Breathing / Stress management - Tips to quickly reduce your stress and cope better with life 
  • Exercises to do at home - a few simple rules on how to choose exercises, and some base exercises to get you started. The focus is the abdominal region, lower back and posture.
  • Ergonomics in the Workplace - how to sit, arrange your technology and ways to improve their use
  • Nutritions - what to eat and what not to and most importantly: WHY!

In the next sections is a longer description of what each component involves.  


Essential Information about Balance and your Brain

Echt Gesund- Meditation and Stress Management

Echt Gesund- Meditation and Stress Management

Almost everyone talks about stress, and one thing is becoming clearer: It is the trigger for the most common diseases of the "civilized Western man". But what is stress actually, how does it arise and what can you do against it? We will talk about this in this part of the seminar and meditate afterwards. Here's more about the effects of meditation:

1. Meditation speeds up the brain's capacity to process information

According to a February 2012 article in the "Frontiers in Human Neuroscience", meditation can alter the geometry of the brain's surface. At the University of California, Los Angeles, a study of 50 meditators and 50 controls was conducted to find out whether there is a link between meditation and brain folds, their pattern, and the extent of cortical convolution that the brain can process faster. This study showed a positive interaction between the amount of brain folds and the number of meditation years, especially in the comparison of long-term meditators to non-meditators. These elevated brain folds illustrate an integration of cognitive processes during meditation. Using certain parts of the brain, the meditating becomes reflective and thoughtful. Despite the study, more research is needed to find out more detail about the connections during a meditation.

2. Meditation untangles our neural pathways

Rebecca Gladding, M., explains in an article published in Psychology Today in May 2013 how the brain works better with meditation and the positive effects it has on the brain the longer you meditate. Basically Gladding explains how the brain can be shaped by meditation. Specifically, the connection to our anxiety center and our "I" center (place where the brain constantly reflects on you) dwindles through regular meditation. This relaxation reduces our feelings of anxiety because of the connection of our nerve pathways between the anxiety and the ego center. The non-helpful feelings of anxiety are diminished by ignoring, which improves the formation of new nerve pathways and thus also the comprehensive assessment and the ability to empathize responsibly. Gladding points out that one should regularly meditate to maintain the benefits of meditation in order to prevent the brain from falling back into its old patterns of thought.

3. Meditation reduces the risk of heart disease

In November 2012, a study was published in the journal "Heart-Circulation: Quality and Results", in which 201 people with coronary heart disease were given two possibilities: 1.) Participate in a seminar on healthy eating and exercise or 2.) Participate in a seminar on transcendental meditation. The researchers examined the participants for five years and discovered something interesting. Those who chose the second option (meditation seminar) had reduced their overall risk of heart attacks, strokes and death by 48%. This was the first study of its kind, and further research is needed, but it is promising.

4. Meditation can improve your memory

New research on meditation also shows that meditation can improve memory recapturing skills. Catherine Kerr is a researcher at the Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging and the Osher Research Center. She has found that those who practice meditation can better adjust their brainwaves. They could hide distractions and increase productivity faster than those who do not meditate. Less distractions allow the brain to integrate new information and thus support the memory recall. In her article, "Impacts of Meditation on Emotions" published in in June 2013, Kerr explains that meditation improves numerous mental abilities, including rapid memory retrieval. Her discovery that meditation brainwaves help hide distractions, and improves ability to remember quickly and take new facts."

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Echt Gesund- Postural Hygiene in the Workplace

Echt Gesund- Postural Hygiene in the Workplace  

Poor posture causes a massive number of signifcant health problems. Since many of us spend an unhealthy amount of time stuck at a desk, addressing these issues becomes paramount. 

Learn in out Echt Gesund Büroergonomie Workshop how you can set up your office better and get some tips on better office accesories to use. 

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Chiroprakctic Lounge Munich - Office Ergonomics Video

Checklist on Setting Up Your Office


  • Lock the position of the chair back support (so that it doesn't flex backwards) 
  • Sit as close as you can to your desk
  • Sit upright and level and lean against the back rest 
  • Check that the depth of the chair seat is right for your thigh length 
  • Use the arm rests or the edge of the table to relax your arms on 
  • Seat height should allow your feet to rest on the floor, while at the same time having your arms horizontal to the table top. Smaller people may need a foot rest
  • Your mouse and keyboard should be wireless, and the mouse should be a vertical type 
  • Check the height of the monitor and the distance from you
  • make sure you are not restricted from movement under the table with your legs 
  • Keep your actual sitting time to a minimum!


Here are the links to the products we recommend: 

Ergonomische Vertikalmaus


Tastatur Handauflage 


  • Für mehr Informationen und eine eingehende Top Beratung besuchen Sie bitte unseren Partner und Ergonomiespezialisten Studio Muckenthaler in München.
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Echt Gesund- Nutrition

Echt Gesund- Nutrition

What you eat is not just to stop you from feeling hungry. How you choose your foods will impact how your body builds new cells and tissues. Find out the latest medically based (not Hollywood influenced) nutrtion recommendation to change how you eat long term. Stop dieting now! 

Learn how to optimise body function, eating to protect and support your nervous system while at the same time looking after your waist. Should you eats fats, carbohydrates, proteins? What combination? Which oils are better?

Nutrition is a complex topic and this is aimed to point you in the right direction, not to answer all your question. 

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