If you are also one of those people who suffer from severe neck pain, then you are not alone! Because due to our modern way of life, many complain about tension. We move less and less and spend a lot of time sitting. Whether in the office, car or while studying at school or university.

This does not remain without consequences for your body and also your brain. Because both are designed for constant movement and atrophy if they receive too little of it. What exactly that means and why it’s important to get moving again, we’ll go into in the article.


How do humans differ from other creatures?


Humans have a cerebrum. It enables us to do many things that we have in advance of other creatures. Thanks to it, we can plan ahead, think strategically, reflect on ourselves, control our impulses, be loving and empathetic.

Another important task is to control our upright posture. This is achieved by inhibiting the flexor muscles, which also keeps our head in the ideal place. Namely, up and not tilted forward. This also allows us to walk upright on two legs.

The ability to keep us upright is a large and complex task for our cerebrum. The spine plays a supporting role here and is a special instance for the brain.


Spine and receptors – sensory perception


Along your spine are lots of small muscles that contain sensory receptors. They have an important sensory function. The highest density of these receptors is located along your neck muscles. Information from your environment and about everything that hits you during the day is passed on to your cerebrum.


Causes of neck pain


The lack of movement is a physical stress on the body. Staying in one position makes it difficult for your brain to inhibit flexion. This is because movement is necessary for this to happen. This is based on our evolution, which of course didn’t intend for us to spend several hours a day sitting in front of digital devices.

The first traumatic stress to affect your neck may have occurred at birth. Cesarean births or any births with outside intervention mean trauma to your body. And this remains stored in all cells. Especially, of course, in the sensitive neck area.

In the course of your life, other experiences are added. You can think of it as each additional negative stress layered on top of each other, or piled up. So all the accidents, falls, emotional stress and static movement or rigid posture gets stored in the small muscles around your spine and leads to your tension.


What else leads to neck tension?


It’s not just the lack of exercise or the rigid posture your body puts up with every day that’s behind tension in your neck and entire upper back. There are other stressors that also have a negative effect:


  • Overstimulation
  • Image flood
  • Multitasking
  • Being permanently busyPoor nutrition
  • Emotionale Belastungen
  • Emotional stress
  • Psychological pressure and stress
  • Medication
  • Constant brooding


All of this eventually just leads to constant negative feedback loops between your body and your brain. The result is that at some point the tension manifests itself in pain.

In our practice, we always take care of people who have already tried many treatment methods. They have gone down endless paths to get rid of neck tension and regain more quality of life.


How can chiropractic help?


Chiropractic treatment gradually dissolves these blockages in the body. So to say, layer by layer, as they were created.

Through the so-called “fast stretch” , a fast targeted impulse is given from the outside into the muscles around your spine. Thus your brain gets new impulses.

Especially the many receptors around your spine receive new information and can finally pass on other information to your brain for the perception of your environment.


What does a chiropractic treatment do?


You also perceive yourself differently again. Your posture improves because the regular adjustments enable your brain to inhibit the flexor muscles again.

This breaks the eternal cycle of negative feedback loops. There is a  study on “Cervical Spine manipulation”

and another study on neurophysiology.

An overview of the positive effects on your health:

  • Relaxation
  • Breathing
  • Posture
  • Pain
  • Sleep
  • Organs
  • Mood
  • More positive attitude to life
  • Freedom of movement
  • Vital, lively attitude to life

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What you can do yourself to avoid neck pain and tension?


First and foremost, it’s about realizing that your body is your wonderful and faithful servant! It has natural needs that must be respected. If your desire is to be active and healthy in your second half of life, there are a few things to consider or change:

  • Daily exercise
  • Healthy balanced diet
  • Drink enough water
  • Allow yourself rest periods – not only on vacation
  • Maintain a good balance between tension and relaxation
  • Avoid too long rigid posture at work or study
  • Pay attention to movement breaks
  • Practice mental hygiene
  • Go out into nature as often as possible


If you follow these tips, you will steadily regain vitality. Your quality of life and joy of living will return and your body will continue to serve you with gratitude.


If you are now curious whether chiropractic can help you to finally get rid of your neck pain and tension, please contact us for an initial appointment.

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