The sciatic nerve, popularly known simply as “sciatica” is a long nerve that runs from the lumbar spine through the buttocks into the back of the leg.

Pain in the sciatic nerve can originate from the L5/S1 nerve root, for example, due to a herniated disc. However, it can also originate in the course of the nerve, e.g., due to piriformis syndrome.  In the differential diagnosis, one must also always think of a blockage of the ISG, which can trigger similar complaints.

Ischialgia is very often caused by cooling, irritation at the intervertebral disc or mucous tensions.

If the pelvic obliquity remains untreated, the sacrum will always get into a misalignment. This fact will also always promote the development of sciatica. Modern chiropractic is able to correct a pelvic obliquity specifically and effectively.