Muscle tension in the jaw area, jaw clicking and pain or toothache originating from the jaw joint are often the cause of tension and blockages in the entire cervical spine area. Often accompanied by headaches, ringing in the ears, dizziness and a tilted position of the head. This symptom complex is often called CMD.

In addition to chiropractic and osteopathic treatment, a dental specialist must also be consulted. The latter usually constructs a special dental splint for the night in order to reduce the stress peaks. The so-called “grinding and biting” usually only occurs during sleep. Loads of up to 500 kg per cm² can thus be transmitted to the temporomandibular joint via the molars. From there, the muscle tension is transferred to the rest of the body, usually first to the neck muscles. Our practice works with a network of osteopaths, dentists, orthodontists and physiotherapists who are all specialized in CMD. 

Chiropractic Lounge Munich follows the concept of Craniofacial Orthopedics in the treatment of TMJ problems. 

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